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AE-Footprint is an EU Specific Targeted Research Project (EU project code SSPE-CT-2005-006491) and is funded from April 2005 to March 2008.

Our focus is the construction of a farm-level Agri-Environmental Footprint Index (AFI) that aggregates the measurement of appropriate agri-environmental indicators.

Example applications of the AFI could be to:
  • measure the changing environmental impact of individual farms within a particular context (farm type, geographical region) over time
  • produce a measure of environmental impact that can be aggregated across farms of similar context
  • enable comparison of the environmental impact of farms which do/do not participate in agri-environmental schemes.

**The AE-Footprint project has now ended but publications and outputs are still being produced. The project has resulted in the development of an aggregated farm-level index, the Agri-Environmental Footprint Index (AFI), which represents a harmonised approach to evaluation of EU agri-environment schemes. A manual is available here which provides guidelines and examples for the use of the AFI methodology in AES evaluation.**

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